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Photo Special

Photo special for some recent works All our shoes are proudly handmade in Singapore, including handwelting and handstitched outsoles. A black wholecut oxford with medallion with full-paint black soles, black linings and completed with antique black shoe trees.   A dark brown adelaide oxfords with a half-paint sole and custom initial, completed with vintage cherry shoe trees.   In other news, Fumu socks are now 15% off with min. purchase of 2 pairs till the end of Feb. We also now offer free worldwide shipping for orders above $50 SGD. Explore our range of socks here.  

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Shoe Making: Heel Finishing

The finishing stage is arguably the most important step to get a beautiful looking shoe. A well-constructed shoe with poor finishing just looks awkward or cheap. Finishing shoes properly takes a lot of patience and takes up a disproportionate amount of time.

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