Fumu was founded in support of craftsmen around the world

Years of Dedication and Commitment

Each product is the result of years of practice and devotion to a single craft. 

We hope that through continual use of our products, you will be able to appreciate the craftsman's intent and find enjoyment in the process.

Traditional Techniques

Traditional techniques typically require a great amount of skilled hand work and results in a stronger construction and higher quality products.

By supporting craftsmen, we also hope to see the skills passed down so that future generations can continue to experience and appreciate the intimacy of a well crafted item.

Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood and leather are often described as versatile and develops character with proper care. This is a stark contrast to synthetics which are often engineered for a specific task.

Natural materials creates the freedom that allow craftsmen working with their hands to fully express their intent, designs and emotions.

Our Founder

In 2016, Tor moved to Japan to pursue the craft of handmade bespoke shoes. During his four years there, he gradually came to understand the meaning behind the Japanese concept of "Monotsukuri".

Translated literally to the art of making things, "Monotsukuri" embodies intangible qualities of the craftsman's way of thinking including dedication, continuous improvement and pursuit of mastery.

The craftsman way of life offers a distinct perspective of enjoyment and fulfillment in work. This inspired him to establish Fumu to develop and promote the handcraft sector of Singapore through shoe making.