Tutorial: Decorative Bar Tack

This is a mini pictorial tutorial on the decorative bar tack.

We make all our bespoke shoes with this type of hand-stitching. It serves the same function as a regular bar tack but takes longer to finish. Tiny details can make a big difference and this adds a very intimate detail to shoes, at least for me.

Thread, Curved Needles, Awl

Pre-punch with sewing machine and widen slightly with awl (from the lining side)

I thread mine through roughly 8 times

Making the first loop (If i'm not wrong this is the same as a buttonhole stitch)

Placing each stitch right next to each other

Halfway through

Finish by tying ends behind the tongue (Pardon the poor lining pattern)


Another finished bartack 

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  • David

    I agree, it’s all about details! Beautifully done.

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